Alrode Industrial Supplies


A custom designed ecommerce website for Alrode Industrial Supplies

Below is a screenshot of the design:

Alrode Industrial Supplies

Design Info:
*This is a custom designed Ecommerce Website with templates created by me.
*It is partially a static site seamlessly integrated into the mainly dynamic CMS site.
*The site is designed in html and also php.
*The site consists of 4 static pages with dynamic php integrated Plus 3 additional PHP pages which in turn have many sub pages.
*Since it is a CMS based Ecommerce site, the website owner can add and delete products, can add/change text descriptions and prices,can add/deleted categories and can add/delete special offers.

Extras on this Site:
* Photo Gallery
* News letter Subscription
* Specials of the Month Display box
* Contact Form
* Product Search function on all pages,including static pages
* RSS Feed
* Dynamic Archive system
* Website Counter