I have partially completed the website of Basslows Exotic Cars and Bikes.

I say partially, because I have yet to add the motor vehicle catalog and relevant listing pages,but that will be done when the client gives me the content some time in the future.

The client has employed me to maintain the website as well.

Here is a screenshot of the design:




Design Info:

*It is a custom design, no templates were used;

*It is a dynamic CMS site created on the wordpress platform.

*The theme Design is  custom designed by me.

*The site currently has 34 pages, with more to be added in the near future

*The site has 2 main catalogs, one for the exotic bikes and another will be added for the exotic cars page;

*Each photo in the catalogs, link to a seperate page which features a tabbed “mini site”. Within each of these tabbed sections, there is a flash slideshow, showcasing the vehicle, an order/contact  form and a vehicle specs section.

Extras on the site:

*Photo Gallery with light box effect, for showcased vehicles;

*Social Media icons as well as bookmarking icons;

*27 and counting, Flash photo galleries;

*28 and counting, order/contact forms;

*Flash image scroller ;

*27 and counting, Tabbed “mini-site” sections;


As I mentioned this site is very much still a work in progress and will be more complete once I have added the exotic vehicle catalog and subpages.

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