Late Payment and Non-Payment Policy


Whilst I absolutely love designing and developing websites, I am running a business. This is not merely a "hobby" for me………………….

I am generally a very easy going person and I go out of my way to assist and accommodate my clients. I always reply to any phone calls or emails promptly, even if it is after hours and I often sit until 3 am in the morning working on projects or trying to resolve a problem for a client. I do not mind the long hours and the amount of work as I do love what I do and I am also a great believer in good customer service.

So when clients put me in a position where I have to take action due to non-payment or late payment, it really upsets me, because it spoils the good relationship I have with the client. I also see it as a slap in the face, especially as in most cases, I have bent over backwards to accommodate the client's requests related to his or her website.

The Policy:

Before I start work on your website, I require a 50% deposit of which a portion is used to buy scripts for your site , pay for your site's domain registration and hosting.

Once I have completed the design and have uploaded the website to the internet, I send you my final invoice and the balance of payment (50%) is then due with immediate effect. I do however, most times give the client a few days grace.

If the payment is not received within 4-5 days, I then have no option but to completely remove your website from the Internet. Your website will then only be restored once I have received notification from my bank that your payment has been deposited into my account.

I really don't like to do this, but it has to be done.

So PLEASE if you do decide to employ me to design or redesign your website, bear in mind that I am running a business and I am providing a service to you. If you do not pay your account timeously, I will remove your website from the Internet until I receive any and all outstading amounts.

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