Property Maputo


I have custom designed and developed a real estate website for Property Maputo. This was a challenging project as the client was very particular with regards to content layout and functionality required. So a lot of custom coding was required to develop the site 100% according to the client’s requirements in terms of design, content layout and functionality. The end result is that I learned a few new things and the client has a site that he is very happy with.  There are plans to possibly make the site bilingual  with a Portuguese and English version, but this  I will do  in the coming months.

Below is a screenshot of the Home Page:

Snap 2013-06-11 at 15.46.56

Here is a screenshot of a property listing page:

Snap 2013-06-11 at 15.45.29

Here is a screenshot of the property detail page:

Snap 2013-06-12 at 13.08.28

Design Info:

  • This is a dynamic CMS Real Estate Website with admin back-end so updating the site is easy.
  • Front end property submissions functionality included so agents and general public can list properties and manage/edit their properties.
  • The theme Design is custom designed.
  • The site consists of a dynamic real estate listing system, with public and agent front end submission,  paid featured listing with ecommerce functionality integrated, advertising functionality and extended search functions.

Extras on this Site:

  • Advertising functionality
  • Membership functionality
  • Front end property submissions
  • Google Maps on each property
  • Automated Featured Slideshow
  • Photo gallery on each property
  • Form to Schedule a property show on each property.
  • RSS Feeds
  • Dynamic Archive system
  • Light box  integration on gallery images
  • Ecommerce integration enabling paid featured listings.