Why you need a website


In the recent past, the print media was king as computer technology was not always in the reach of the average Joe on the street. Pc's were used mainly for work and or games.

These days, just about everybody has access to the internet. People don't need a pc at home to have access to the internet anymore. There are internet cafes everywhere and most cellphone users have internet access. But even so, people still ask, "Why should I have a website"?

Here are a few reasons why you need a website:


You might be marketing your services, products or business in the print media and you might be getting a good response from it, but by not advertising on the Internet, you are loosing out on a much larger audience and potential business. Therefore it makes sense to supplement your existing print media advertising, with an online marketing campaign.

Cost Efective

Print media is very expenive and at a fraction of what you are paying a month on advertising in newspapers, magazines and other media, you can have a website on the internet for 1 year!

Customer Expectations

These days customers browse the internet, before going out to buy something. They want to see the products or read about services, before committing themselves. The Internet has become the preferred shopping mall and and more often than not, if a client does not see a company listed on the Internet, they tend to give that company a miss. The mindset is that a company is more legitimate if listed on the Internet. In addition to that, customers want to view products and services at their Leisure 24/7. More often than not, they might see your ad in eg the Newspaper, but before phoning you, they would first Google your company name, to see if you have a website where they can browse your products or services.

Customers also like the idea of being able to ask questions at any time, even after hours and if you have a website, they can simply make an inquiry via a contact form on your website. All this goes a long way to customer satisfaction and increased sales for you.

If you have a website, your business is open to the public 24 hours a day without it costing you more in terms of labor costs or  extended working hours. What a pleasure! 

In today's competitive world, it behoves any individual or company who wants to be successful or remain successful, to have a website.





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