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CMS Websites


Afritects 1

I’ve completed the re-design of the website of Afritects, an architectural firm. Their original site was flash based and they instructed me to design a very minimalistic dynamic site with an admin back-end. It was a very challenging project as they wanted the site in a form of a gallery, centered in the browser window and were very specific with ...

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EnEm Media & Marketing

EnEm Media & Marketing 4

I'm competed the design and development of the new website of EnEm Media & Marketing. Here is a screenshot of the homepage:   Design Info: *This is a dynamic CMS Website with an admin back-end which means the client can update the site himself. *The theme Design is a custom designed by me,no templates were used. Extras on this Site: ...

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Whoppa Engineering & Furniture

Whoppa Engineering & Furniture 7

I've completed the design of a new website for Whoppa Engineering and will also design a printable product catalog for them in the near future. The Website is essentially 2 websites in one.The one section deals with the Engineering side of the business while the other section deals with the furniture section of the website. Below are some screenshots of ...

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K.C.C.A 10

I have designed and will also  maintain a website for the Kensington Community Centre Association. Jut like the Jeppe Community Policing Forum website,this project is my contribution to the community. It is a way for me to give back to the community and I will not be charging for the design and maintenance of the site. Below is a screenshot ...

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Leafy Apartments

Leafy Apartments 11

I have completed the redesign of  Leafy Apartments. The client  wanted a site that is easy to update and they want to be able to do the updating themselves.In addition to that, the client wanted a very minimalistic, professional look for the site. I decided to use WordPress as a CMS for this site. Although WordPress is a essentially  a ...

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Rocky’s Kustom Tattoos-Site Redesign

Rocky’s Kustom Tattoos-Site Redesign 13

This weekend I redesigned the website of Rocky’s Kustom Tattoos in Edenvale. This was a fun project.   Their website was one of the first sites I created when I started web design a few years ago. So now, a few years later, the site was outdated and since it was also very graphic intense, the pages loaded very slowly. ...

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Basslows 14

I have partially completed the website of Basslows Exotic Cars and Bikes. I say partially, because I have yet to add the motor vehicle catalog and relevant listing pages,but that will be done when the client gives me the content some time in the future. The client has employed me to maintain the website as well. Here is a screenshot ...

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Boycott Bad Service

Boycott Bad Service 15

A custom CMS Website designed for Boycott Bad Service. Below is a screenshot of the website: Design Info: *No templates were used, it is a custom design. *It is a static html website, consisting of 4 pages. Extras on this Site: * Forum Integration * Website Counter

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