My Hunting Family

Splash Page

I designed and developed a Private Social Networking website for My Hunting Family. It has all the features that you will find on facebook and twitter, plus much more and has a lot of custom coding. It was a complex, but fun project to do.

Screenshots below: (Due to the website being a private social networking website, I added only partial screenshots of the pages and the content is demo profile content. The screenshots do not depict existing members and animal images are demo images added to the demo member profile)

Design Info:

Cms based, private social networking website, which the client can update himself.


  • Splash Page – Custom hand coded splash page with login form
  • Membership – I Coded the website to have 2 Membership Types,  each with different profile fields, privilages and access levels.
  • Filtered Member and Content Search – By activity, by connection/friend, alphabetical, last active and much more.
  • Website Lockdown – Only verified, invited people can access the website content.
  • Galleries – Individual Photo Galleries and Video Galleries for each Member
  • Blogs – Individual Blogs for each member as well as for each group
  • Photo Comment and Likes – Facebook style photo pop-up box with comment and like functionality.
  • Activity Stream Walls – Personal activity stream wall for each user as well as sitewide activity stream wall.
  • Messaging – Instant Private Messaging and chat + Sitewide mass messaging system
  • Groups – Individual Group creation and management with group photo galleries, blog, activity stream and more.
  • Social – Friendship requests, follow other users, status updates and much more
  • Advertising – Banner advertising incorporated
  • Newsletter Functionality





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