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Property Maputo – Redesign

I completed the redesign & development of Property Maputo’s website.  Since I   developed the original website 1 year ago , Propertymaputo has become the biggest online property portal in Mozambique.  Recently the client’s needs in terms of functionality and design has changed, so a total redesign was required to give the client  the new design and functionality that he wanted. Instead of using a property script, which places a lot of restrictions in terms of layout and design flexibility, as was the case with the original website, I instead decided to code most of the functionality myself, to eliminate these restrictions.

This project was therefore very challenging and time consuming, as it involved a lot of custom coding, but I do luv a good challenge and there is nothing quite like the feeling of accomplishment, when things fall into place & the job is done.

The  website is responsive and sports a lot of functionality with front end property listing submissions, job listing submissions, payment gateways and much, much more!

Below are some screenshots of the new website:

Home Page:


About Page:

about page_1

Contact Page:


Advertise Page:


Promo Page:

promo page_1

Property Detail Page:


Agent Directory Page:

agent listing_1

Property News Page:


Careers Page:


Job Listing Single Page:



Design Info:

This is a responsive Real Estate Website with front end property submissions & property management, agent directory, paypal intergration and more. The theme is responsive, thus mobile friendly.


Extras on this Site:

  • Membership levels with social features.
  • Front-end property submissions
  • Paypal integration & ecommerce functionality
  • Front-end job listing submission
  • Many different photo galleries and sliders
  • Instant messaging
  • Many custom sidebars
  • Advanced custom search forms
  • Social Bookmarking & Sharing
  • Front-end property management for agents
  • Responsive pricing tables & other design elements
  • Accordians, animated information boxes, animated images.
  • Integrated SEO functionality & XML Sitemaps
  • Integrated Newsletter functionality
  • Multiple advertising areas
  • Contact forms & custom registration forms

And much, much more………………………………………………..