Solutions to WordPress Memory Errors


Tips on solving these dreaded errors


Often people who run a WordPress site, get the dreaded 'Fatal Memory Error'. This can be quite stressful, especially when combined with the White screen of death, where your admin page and website pages are nothing but blank pages.


I know the feeling, been there & done that quite a few times ….


The first time it happened, I stressed like you won't believe, but since the first 'white screen of death', I have learnt a few ways of resolving this issue which goes a long way to easing the stress levels.smiley

WordPress sets the memory limit at 32 MB, but things like plugins use up more memory so before you know it, you have a Fatal memory error and blank pages.


Here are a few ways of solving this problem of fatal memory errors:


*If you’re using WordPress 2.9.2 or lower, try adding define('WP_MEMORY_LIMIT', 'XXXM'); to your wp-config.php file. The XXX denotes the amount of MB, so insert the amount you need, in the place of the XXX. A good limited is 40MB or 64 MB,depending on your needs. You might find you need to set the limit even higher , it all depends on the amount of plugins & content you have on your site.


*Now with wordpress 3.0 and above, things are a bit different and aparrently wordpress automatically increases the memory size,but I have found that despite this, I still get the dreaded Fatal memory error and blank pages. Got one of these dreaded errors today on one of my sites. So how to solve this problem? Once again by editing your wp-config file.

Add this line just below the “define(‘WPLANG’, ”);”:

define(‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ’XXXM’);  The XXX denotes your choice of memory eg 64MB.


*Another way to solve this problem  is to edit your php-ini file: 

memory_limit = XXX


* Or you can try to add :     

 php_value memory_limit XXXM to your .htaccess file


I find the easiest way is just to edit wp-config file, but if this does not work for you,  perhaps one of the other methods will solve your problem.

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