The Depot- An e-Learning website


I have completed the design & development of an e-Learning website for The Depot. Since the launch of the website recently,quite a few colleges and high schools in South Africa have signed up and are currently using the website  and more are signing up to make use of this exciting project. This is an ongoing project and in the coming month’s I will also develop similar  individual website’s for those colleges who require a standalone solution.

On the current Depot website, each College/School has its own courses and student management section whereby educators can upload course material, assign projects and tests and students can enroll  for the individual courses, access the course material, hand assignments in online etc. Each course also has its own forum and chatroom to facilitate any questions or support a student may need with the particular course. Students also have access to personal online journals, private messaging and much more.

Since the website requires registration and login and since course material of each college is only accessible to students who are registered for those courses, I am only some very including basic screenshots of the design and layout of the website.

Here are some screenshots:

Snap 2013-08-06 at 11.50.51

Snap 2013-08-06 at 12.09.31

Snap 2013-08-06 at 12.11.20

Snap 2013-08-06 at 12.11.54

Design & Development Info:

  • This is a dynamic CMS e-Learning LMS Website.User Management
  • Responsive Design and mobile ready.
  • Full support for managing users.
  • Progress tracking
    Several visual indications guide the user through the lesson and his current progress.
  • Content editors
    A powerful and flexible visual content editor with internal support for a plethora of media.
  • File manager & digital library
    Ability to upload, organise, use and share files with any other system user.
  • Lessons, courses and categories
  • Communication
    A plethora of communication tools including chatrooms, forums, direct messaging,notes, emails and more.
  • Glossary
  • Reports
  • Scorm
    A SCORM compatible and certified platform. SCORM content can be imported or exported.
  • Access Rules
    Restrict or guide the users through the content.
  • Technology
    The site uses current web technologies to ensure an excellent user-experience.
  • Advanced lesson options
    Share folders, clone, copy-properties or restrict participation are a few of the advanced lesson options.
  • Progress tracking
    Several visual indications guide the user through the lesson and his current progress.
  • Test builders
    Several types of questions can be created, used and re-used across multiple tests.
  • Notifications
    Custom communication emails that are triggered on a wide range of events and send personalized emails.
  • Shared files
  • Web-Conferencing Tool with text chat, audio and video capabilites, a virtual whiteboard and many more presentation and conferencing features.
  • Workbooks
  • Journal is a personal diary offered to the users. It allows users to write down their notes, observations , thoughts that may come up as they study their online learning material.
  • Gradebooks  provide complete handling of students’ grades.
  • Quick mails allows users’ to send e-mails directly to their students/educators from lesson’s control panel
  • YouTube  video embedding and sharing.
  • Lesson and course Wikis.
  • RSS  feeds integration.
  • FAQ
  • Flashcards. Students can practice their knowledge by answering flashcards until they answer them correctly

………..And much, much more!!



User Management

Full support for managing users. Custom user roles can be created depending on your needs – See more at: