Virtual Assistant Services

What is Virtual Assistance Services?

A virtual assistant is an administrative or personal assistant who works remotely for various clients. These days, a virtual assistant is someone a lot of busy professionals just can’t do without.

The Benefits of Using Virtual Assistant Services

  • Virtual assistants reduce your business overheads and costs dramatically in terms of your labor costs and more.
  • Virtual assistants are independent contractors which means you don’t need to even think about payrolls, vacation pay, sick days, worker’s compensation and employee benefits such as health and dental insurance.
  • Time saving, more time to concentrate on your core business activities, resulting in increased productivity.
  • Virtual assistants work around your schedule to provide you service whenever you need it.
  • With a virtual assistant you only pay for time spent on your project and work can be done outside normal business hours.
  • Virtual assistants take on those every day essential tasks you don’t have time for because you’re too busy growing your business.
  • There’s no need for an actual office if you don’t need one or work from home.
  • There are no agency fees as with temporary employees.
  • You don’t need to spend any money on employee training.
  • You won’t pay any overtime and yet you’ll still keep your projects on schedule.
  • A virtual assistant may have skills that you don’t, desperately need but don’t have time to learn.

Virtual Assistance Services on Offer:

1. Administrative Assistance & Data Management

Administrative Assistance includes:

  • Diary/calendar management
  • Support ticket management
  • Forum and chatroom moderation
  • Filter and reply to comments on your blog
  • Event and flight bookings online

Data Management includes:

  • Data processing/capturing
  • Data entry

2. Newsletter & Email Management

Newsletter Management Includes:

  • Newsletter set up
  • Newsletter writing
  • Newsletter editing
  • Newsletter scheduling

Email Management Includes:

  • Replying to your emails.
  • Sending your emails.
  • Gmail set up, creating labels/filters/folders
  • Email Management/Filtering
  • 3. Social Media Creation and Management – in English or Afrikaans

    Social Media Creation Includes:

    • Creating Facebook Pages
    • Creating Twitter Pages
    • Creating LinkedIn Pages

    Social Media Management Includes:

    • Post social media content
    • Respond to social media comments & queries
    • Manage Social Media Advertising

    4. Typing and Document Management – in English or Afrikaans

    Typing Includes:

    • Typing of Letters
    • Typing of Documents
    • Typing Memos & Notes
    • Creating basic reports
    • CV Creation

    Document Management Includes:

    • Editing of Documents
    • Proof Reading Documents
    • Document Uploading to for instance Dropbox
    • Converting Document from word to pdf

    5. Online Research

    Online Research Includes:

    • Researching travel and accommodation arrangements
    • Social media content research
    • Product & Services Research
    • Competitor Research
    • General or specific research terms