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design info

  • This is a bespoke dynamic Ecommerce Website. Custom Graphics, Product Layout and much more..
  • Since it is a CMS based Ecommerce site, the website owner can add and delete products, can add/change text descriptions and prices,can add/deleted categories, can add/delete special offers etc, plus add videos and slideshows.
  • Paypal Payments is integrated with the site.

project details

  • Newsletter Functionality
  • Responsive Slideshow
  • Customized Quote Form
  • Product Video Gallery Page
  • Featured Products
  • Specials Listing
  • New product listing
  • Product Reviews & Rating
  • RSS Feed
  • Dynamic Archive system
  • Gift Vouchers
  • Custom Shipping Modules
  • Customized Priced Attributes
  • Customized Graphics & Layout
  • Multiple currencies
  • Custom Tax Module