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design info

  • This is a custom designed CMS Website with templates created by me.
  • It is a catalog site created for wholesale customers, therefore it is a membership  site as well and the general public do not have access to the site.
  • The site consists of a Product Catalog with many categories and pages.
  • Since it is a CMS  site, the website owner can add and delete products, can add/change text descriptions,can add/delete product categories,can send newsletters, can add pages to the site etc.

project details

  • Photo Gallery
  • News letter Subscription
  • Custom Quote Functionality on each individual product.  (automated population of product codes on Custom Quote form)
  • Member Registration Form
  • Login Form
  • 2 X Flash Slideshows
  • Contact Form
  • User Management Functionality
  • User Tracking
  • Dynamic Archive system

Project Screenshots