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design info

  • No templates were used, it is a custom design.
  • It is a dynamic CMS site created on the wordpress platform.
  • The site currently has 34 pages
  • The site has 2 main catalogs, one for the exotic bikes and another for the exotic cars
  • Each photo in the catalogs, link to a separate page which features a tabbed “mini site”. Within each of these tabbed sections, there is a flash slideshow, showcasing the vehicle, an order/contact¬† form and a vehicle specs section.

project details

  • Photo Gallery with light box effect, for showcased vehicles
  • Social Media icons as well as bookmarking icons
  • 27 Flash photo galleries
  • 28 order/contact forms
  • Flash image scroller
  • 27 Tabbed “mini-site” sections

Project Screenshots